Sensboard is your central dashboard for both monitoring and managing your SensNodes. Below you can see

sections of Sensboard marked with numbers

1- The gateway status section shows if your gateway is connected or not.

2- You can see all of your active SensNodes and triggered alarms here.

3- Indoor Air Quality index shows a summary of your indoor air quality performance.

4- You can see average values of indoor measurements here

5- By using this button you can see outdoor values

Sensgreen-SensBoard live indoor air quality data section

6-To get the most out of our solution, it's useful to know about recommended values. In order to see that you can use this button to get the information about each parameter.

Sensgreen-SensBoard live outdoor air quality data section with a marked button

7- Charts are at the heart of SensBoard. You can observe any anomaly here for any parameter by choosing time ranges.

8- Rooms with the lowest and highest averages can be observed here

Sensgreen-SensBoard with graphic chart and detailed IAQ data

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