1. After you complete the gateway setup now, it’s time to connect the Sens-Node.

2. Distance between SensNode and the gateway shouldn’t be further than 600m (0.37 mi) in open areas or ten walls approximately before connecting.

3. Flip the switch on the left side of the SensNode to turn it on. During the first installation, orange and green LEDs will blink together for 3 seconds, indicating that the SensNode is powered up.

SensNode switches and LEDs

4. After the power LED turns off, SensNode will search the gateway. During this time, the orange LED will blink slowly.

5. After this, Green LED will start blinking slowly, indicating that SensNode is connected to the network on the gateway.

6. Finally, when you see the green LED blinking fast, this means that the first data has been sent successfully.

7. You can go to the SensBoard to see the readings from your sensors.

SensNode sending the first data to gateway

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